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Steel Welded & Knockdown Frames

Welded steel frames are press brake formed true. Jamb and head section are assembled with a tongue and groove arrangement with miters accurately fitted, fully welded and ground smooth. All frames are accurately mortised for hinge and strike plates according to hardware specifications. Masonry and drywall anchors are attached as required.

Knockdown frames are constructed with integral tabs that can lock together, as well as compression tabs to lock the frames to the drywall. The tab design prohibits the frame head from rising and keeps all members aligned.

Reinforcement is provided with steel plates that are welded to the frame, precisely drilled and tapped to accommodate template hardware. Reinforcements are also provided as required for door closers, hinges, locks, and any other door hardware.

Frames can be punched and dimpled for easy installation.

Capitol Fireproof Door Kalamein Roof Door with New Welded Masonry Frame-Bronx-NY

Available in standard & custom sizes

Trims and jamb widths are available to fit every situation

borrowed lights & trimmed openings are available

Angle spreaders are welded to the bottoms of masonry frames to assure safe shipment and perfect alignment, ready for setting in the field

Steel welded frames available in 12, 14, 16, 18 gauge, prime quality, cold-rolled steel

steel welded frames can be manufactured with attached sidelights and/or fixed transoms

Masonry, stud, and Z clip anchors are available

A minimum of 3 anchors per frame leg is provided for securing the frames to the walls, along with floor anchors

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