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Kalamein Doors

Fireproof Door Kalamein

Kalamein Doors Standard & custom sizes & designs! Our doors are certified by the NYC Board of Standards and Appeals for 90-minute and 3-hour fire rating requirements! These fireproof labels certify that our doors meet or exceed fire test standards for New York City and have been approved by the NYC Department of Buildings. The […]

Hollow Metal Doors

Capitol Fireproof Door Hollow Metal Building Entrance-Bronx-NY

Hollow Metal Doors At Capitol Fireproof Door our hollow metal doors are made of the highest quality open-earth, cold-rolled, pickles, patent-leveled sheet steel. Every door is engineered to meet or exceed the architectural requirements for full flush doors. The inner core can be honeycomb or 22 gauge inverted hat shaped steel ribs, welded to outer […]

Steel Welded and Knockdown Frames

Capitol Fireproof Door Kalamein Roof Door with New Welded Masonry Frame-Bronx-NY

Steel Welded & Knockdown Frames Welded steel frames are press brake formed true. Jamb and head section are assembled with a tongue and groove arrangement with miters accurately fitted, fully welded and ground smooth. All frames are accurately mortised for hinge and strike plates according to hardware specifications. Masonry and drywall anchors are attached as […]

Angle Iron and Angle Iron Z Frames

Capitol Fireproof Door Angle Frame Installed-Bronx-NY

Angle Iron & Angle Iron Z Frames Angle iron frames are fabricated from three sections of 10 gauge steel flats, which are then bent into L-shaped angles. These sections are mitered and welded together to form a jamb. Our angle iron frames are drilled and tapped to receive hinges and locksets. Counter sunk holes are […]

Kalamein Lot-Line Fire-Rated Windows

Capitol Fireproof Door Double Hung Kalamein Window - Bronx-NY

Kalamein Lot-Line Windows For conditions that require a fire-rated window, Capitol Fireproof Door manufactures a 45-minute BSA approved kalamein steel-clad lot-line window. Lot-line windows are primarily used as a fire barrier between two buildings that face each other. They are used in apartments, hallways, stairwells and roof bulkheads. Kalamein windows contains a fire that may […]

Custom Kalamein Molding

Capitol Fireproof Door Custom Kalamein Moldings-Bronx-NY

Custom Kalamein Moldings Custom kalamein panel moldings are manufactured onsite using 24-gauge steel wrapped over solid pine. They are then drawn through steel dies, and are then mitered and nailed through the sites into place. kalamein panel moldings can accommodate 3/8″ solid panels kalamein glass molding can accommodate up to 5/8″ insulated glass shaker style […]

Kalamein Frames

Capitol Fireproof Door Kalamein Jamb and Pair of Kalamein Doors-Bronx-NY

Kalamein Frames Capitol Fireproof Door manufactures the highest quality kalamein door frames. They are manufactured of solid, kiln dried white pine lumber and covered with 24 gauge steel. The frames are welded at the corners to add strength and mortised to receive hinges and locksets. Spreaders are nailed into place for accurate fitting. custom jamb […]

Solid and Fire-Rated Wood Doors

Capitol Fireproof Door Wood Veneer Door-Bronx-NY

Solid & Fire-Rated Wood Doors Standard, as well as custom, fire-rated and non-rated wood veneer doors are available. Veneer types include birch, red oak, white oak, walnut, mahogany, and many other wood veneers. Doors can be clear coated, as well as stained to match customers’ requirements. Machining for hinges and locks are also available. Solid […]

Aluminum Doors

Fireproof Door Aluminum

Aluminum Doors Aluminum entrance doors are available in narrow, medium and wide stile options. Available finishes are clear anodized, dark bronze anodized and painted (stock) white. The 2 1/8″ narrow stile entrance door accommodates most hardware and can accept 1/4″, or 1″ glazing. The 3 1/2″ medium stile door is good for heavy traffic areas […]