Capitol Fireproof Door manufactures the highest quality angle iron and angle iron Z frames. The angle iron frames are designed to save time and money by eliminating the need to replace the existing frame, when the existing frame is out-of-square. Angle iron frames can be used to reverse the swing of the existing door. Doors are pre-hung into the angle iron frame and are installed inside the existing frame. Hinges, locks and other hardware are pre-hung into the angle unit. Angle iron frames are easily leveled, squared and secured permanently into place.


Angle iron frames are fabricated from three sections of 10 gauge steel flats, which are then bent into L-shaped angles. These sections are mitered and welded together to form a jamb. Our angle iron frames are drilled and tapped to receive hinges and locksets. Counter-sunk screw holes are drilled to accommodate a professional installation.

Angle Z frames utilize the angle frames as described above, adding a
1 3/4 inch, flat trim to the outside of the angle iron frame. This additional trim covers any damaged trim on the existing frame. Counter-sunk screw holes can be drilled into the trim, allowing for easy installation.